Keeping the Project and Operational Twin Current

Hexagon PPM Executive Product Director

Change is the one thing that is certain at any facility. Updates, expansions and new process technology are some of the reasons change is always happening at the plant. At large facilities, we have seen 20,000 projects a year!

Of course, these projects can range from small replacement tasks all the way to adding a process unit. No matter how small or large, after the change has been made, the data that is used to operate the facility needs to reflect the latest status to avoid bad decision making or creating a hazardous situation for personnel and assets.

Plus, the time between the change and the update needs to be as short aspossible. This is the challenge. The plant owners are seeing the value of having the 3D plant model as part of their operational digital twin to drive down risk and reduce the cost of operations.

Understanding this trend, Hexagon isoffering solutions to create and maintain the operational twin. The main new capability of Intergraph Smart 3D 2019 is being able to support this scenario of change and consolidation of the design into the operational environment. Owners – like most of us – look at cost and domain expertise (getting the best guy for the job).

A recent survey highlighted in “The Outlookfor the Oil and Gas Industry in 2019” (published by DNV GL) revealed that 81 percent of engineering work is outsourced by the owners. This results in getting different design formats back from the contractors because different tools are used. With Intergraph Smart 3D – using Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher – can consolidate the different design formats, including point clouds, all in one single Smart 3D As-Built model.

It is a huge benefit to have the complete plant in one single design environment. Now the Operator can search, view and create deliverables (such as inspection isometrics) and execute safety and impact studies using the 3D plant model. As mentioned, the plant is not static. The Smart 3D As-Built functionality allows you to “carve off” a part of the design to be handed to a contractor to do the required addition/modification.

Once completed, approved and constructed, the modifications can be moved from the design environment to the operational As-Built environment to reflect the current situation and allow the operational teams to make the right and safe decisions.

It is a very powerful and unique capability that allows several projects to run in parallel, keeping the specifications current from the additions made and then end with a consistent, high-quality operational twin.

If you are an owner and want to keep your operational twin current, you should consider this solution. If you are a contractor, you can benefit from these capabilities to execute as-built projects and offer the owner the right data to support his operation.

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Frank Joop
Frank Joop is an executive product director at Hexagon PPM and works from the Huntsville, Alabama, USA, headquarters. He has been with the company since 1988.


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