Keeping Workers Safe Through Shift Excellence

Drive Shift Excellence and know that you and your workers will get home safely without stressing about missed communication. Current makeshift solutions to manage shift handover are no match for the critical data required when lives areat risk. Safety critical incidents and near-misses, when properly documented and investigated, are red flags that should be recognized and rectified.

Do your employees remember to report them (plus everything else they did) at the end of their shift?

Attend this webinar on June 26 to hear how driving Shift Excellence with Hexagon PPM and j5’s functional, interconnected applications can give you peace of mind. Know that you don’t have gaps in your facility’s knowledge transfer from shift to shift, from employee to employee, or from site to site.

Jaclyn Arnold, VP Owner Operator Segment, and Dave Dollar, Administrative Director, are presenting this Oil and Gas Journal webinar June 26 at 9:00 a.m. CDT. (Convert to your time zone.)

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