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Arjan Heijboer, Kelvion Refrigeration BV

In 2017, Kelvion Refrigeration BV, a Dutch company offering air coolers and air-cooled condensers for semi-industrial refrigeration technology, decided to invest in Visual Vessel Design by Hexagon PPM. The Insider blog talked to Arjan Heijboer, Lead Engineer at Kelvion about their decision to use the Analysis Solutions suite.

Insider Blog: Hi Arjan! You chose to invest in Visual Vessel Design last year – what made you choose the solution?

AH: We have established a good relationship with Hexagon PPM and they were able to facilitate our challenges in a very practical way. They have also been very flexible to work with, for example, we use relative small pressure vessels (max. ø219,1), and for that reason don’t use any vertical towers, saddles and supports. This way, we only needed training on a part of the software and received a customized offer.

It was also important for us that VVD contains both EN13445 and EN13480 without extra cost.

Insider Blog: Excellent – what are your expectations regarding Visual Vessel Design in the future?

AH: We manufacture compact fin heat exchangers for commercial, customized, and industrial purposes and use a wide range of standardized header details. In the near future, we have to switch from the RTOD (Dutch standard) to EN13480 / EN13445 when designing any of the pressurized parts. This means that we’ll have to recalculate all the details!

Under RTOD we used to outsource the calculations, but with the EN codes, we have decided to do it internally to gain more flexibility and to save time. The costs for outsourcing the calculations were close to the cost of buying the VVD software – this was a no-brainer for us, as for the same price we gain the possibility to do calculations in-house with better efficiency!

Insider: What type of work will you be executing with VVD?

AH: During the start up phase we are using the solution to calculate the upper limit of our standard header details, and when up and running. we will use it for calculating non-standard headers with specs that are above our standard ranges.

Insider: anything else you’d like to mention?

AH: Hexagon PPM’s training and support services are easily reachable and customizable. Even though we are a small client, we still saw that we mattered and that they were willing to customize the training to really meet our needs.

To learn more about Visual Vessel Design, please visit the product webpage or register for the upcoming Hexagon PPM Webinar.

About Kelvion Refrigeration BV

Since 1935, Kelvion has linking tradition and innovation in the production and supply of Goedhart® air coolers and air-cooled condensers for (semi-) industrial refrigeration technology.

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