Launching Intergraph Spoolgen 2019, Intergraph Smart Isometrics 2019

Take another look! Intergraph Spoolgen and Intergraph Smart Isometrics are both getting a major upgrade with the 2019 release. The newest features include:

• A cloud ready piping data and document platform – supporting digital transformation
• New Smart API – new support for Power BI dashboards and reports
• New supported workflows – new opportunities for our customers
• Enhanced reporting and visualization tools – adding value to the solution

What do we mean by “cloud ready”? We’re introducing a common piping data and document management platform, using the latest PPM technology, which supports keeping data anywhere the customer chooses – from an Azure VM to a laptop. This platform represents a major step up for Spoolgen users, as the range of piping data is expanded to include piping, insulation and tracing specs, weld counts, and calculated weld diameters, volumes and surface areas.

New User Interface Allows Easy Filtering and Selection by Piping Properties:

For the very first time, Smart Isometrics is also integrated with the same platform: now the customer can manage a set of piping isometrics in a similar way that Intergraph Smart® P&ID manages a set of P&IDs. This allows new workflows for as-built piping data and documentation: for example, fabricators working with hard copy isometrics can use Isometrics to re-create them and generate spool drawings. Companies working in offline design tasks, such as detailing heat tracing, can use Smart Isometrics to automate many common tasks.

With a common piping data and document platform for both Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics,standard workflows for all client requirements can be achieved. Regardless of the 3D design system being used, almost all systems on the market either include Isogen® software or one of the file formats it uses – notably the Piping Component File or PCF. This means Spoolgen gives you customer neutrality and Smart Isometrics can work with piping data from almost any source.

Support for data centric workflows can help future-proof your pipe shop by enabling steps toward digital transformation. Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics come ready to integrate with Microsoft Power BI for the creation of sophisticated reports and dashboards. In the future, this API will make it possible to integrate PPM solutions with your in-house systems. Spoolgen and Isometrics come with built in support for the other members of the PPM Fabrication Solution – Smart Production for workshop control and WQMS for weld quality management.

Example of Power BI reports from Spoolgen and Isometrics:

Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics both have a built-in 3D viewer and include a utility to create AutoCAD or MicroStation format 3D CAD files. I-View CAD is now bundled with Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics. The “tool kit” is further enhanced with a major extension of the built-in reporting engine: new, easy to use calculated properties can be rolled up and reported at many levels – cut piece, spool, drawing and pipeline. Output to either text files or native Excel are supported.

3D Autocad output from Spoolgen and Isometrics:

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David Myall
David Myall is managing director of Alias Ltd, a Hexagon PPM subsidiary that specializes in piping isometric drawings, from their generation from 3D computer models, through their use in piping fabrication and documentation of piping systems. He works from a company office in the United Kingdom.


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