Laying the Foundations for Data-Driven Design (Videos)

To support your efforts in project execution, it’s crucial to embed data-driven design into the contractual process within the project. In this video Glenn Boyko, Global Business Development for Hexagon PPM Completions and Commissioning, shares how the framework built within Intergraph Smart Completions enables you to achieve a seamless transition from designthrough to operations and maintenance.

Traditionally the transferral of custody is a drawn-out process rife with errors, leading to missing information, incorrectly completed work, costly time delays and even safety risks. Intergraph Smart Completions rectifies this by ensuring everything is defined in the design phase, including data requirements. With these foundations in place, managing multiple contractors and ensuring a smooth delivery of all required information – in the correct format – is a breeze.

With Intergraph Smart Completions you can:

  • Set the data requirements at the designphase of the project, ensuring ISO compliance;
  • Decrease the time taken to assemble information and transfer custody of equipment;
  • Define contractual obligations and ensure their inclusion into terms & conditions, removing gray areas around project execution and data use.

Glenn Boyko is dedicated to supporting project execution through continuous improvement. Bringing his knowledge of project engineering and commissioning to Hexagon PPM, he is helping our customers to better understand and embrace the advantages made possible through Intergraph Smart Completions.

Find out howyou can optimise the handover process with digitalisation. Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Glenn Boyko and David Touhey, Director of Commissioning at Kentech Group.

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No time to watch the video? Here’s a transcript:

Hi, this is Glenn Boyko, Global Business Development, Hexagon PPM Completions and Commissioning. Today we’re here to talk about the importance of the data-driven design within the completions and commissioning portfolio and how that can impact and support your efforts on project execution.

The first thing that we’re going to talk about is the importance of that data-driven design and how it can be embedded into the contractual process within the project. So by actually using Intergraph Smart Completions to set up the framework and the data requirements for the project, it allows you to start defining what those requirements are within the design phase of the project, into the engineering design tools, so that when it gets into the completions and commissioning phase of the project, you have the data that you have in the format that you need it in.

The second part of that is you start building up the framework of what the requirements are for the contractor so that it gets embedded into the terms and conditions of their contract. This removes any gray areas of what their requirements are of how they’re meant to execute the project and use the data that is generated from the project.

The next thing that I want to talk about is how the digital approach with Smart Completions allows you to transfer custody from party A to party B in a very short time frame. How we do that is by managing multiple contractors and multiple different levels of information coming in for the project. We can then triangulate what information is required and what work was meant to be completed before that custody transfer has been issued. What that means is that it removes a lot of the leg that typically exists when you’re starting to assemble information required before somebody can actually take custody of that piece of equipment.

Traditionally what happens today is that either the information isn’t there to actually do work correctly and safely, or there’s a lag in that time frame. By taking that digital component, you now have the ability to do the gate review, transfer custody in a very short time frame, which is saving a lot of time and money on projects.

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