Life at Hexagon: Featuring Inho Shin

In this blog post we are pleased to feature Inho Shin, Senior Implementation Analyst for the Hexagon PPM division based out of Korea. He is also a recent APAC Outstanding Award recipient.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to work at Hexagon PPM?
I worked as Intergraph Smart 3D AE providing solution and support to shipbuilding yards mostly. Now with my experience I work with the fabrication solution team.

Prior to joining Hexagon PPM, I started work at a supplier of shipbuilding companies and offshore plant. But I have always had an interest in visualisation and IM solution to manage various projects. I heard of “Intergraph” (Hexagon) by chance and decided to join.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Hexagon?
My colleagues. We take care of each other and help one another when stuck with complicated issues. Through this I am presented with many opportunities to up-skill.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
I feel a sense of accomplishment helping customers resolve their issues and I like seeing them happy. That is why I do what I do.

What did it mean to you to win the Outstanding Achiever award this year?
It is a great opportunity to further develop myself and make an effort to succeed in this position.

What have you learned about yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic?
I had a lot of time to spend with my family during the pandemic. I now feel that family is the most valuable thing in our lives, especially in times of such serious social and environmental crisis.


Interested in joining the Hexagon PPM Asia-Pacific team? Learn more about our culture and employment opportunities here.

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