Life at Hexagon: Featuring Pablo Moncada

In this blog post we are pleased to feature Pablo Moncada, Ecosys Implementation Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. Pablo was one of the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award recipients.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to work at Hexagon PPM?
I’ve been with Hexagon for almost two and a half years and it has been a tremendous experience. I started my journey with my partner Alexandra in early 2018, when we moved from Chile to Singapore leaving everything behind. It was a 180 degrees change in our life, but it has been the best decision that we could have made.

Now I’m based in Melbourne, Australia facing new and exciting challenges yet again. I’m trying to stay more connected with my family in Chile and bring the third member of our family, our dog “Caramelo” here to Australia. If anybody likes Chilean wine or music, you are welcome to my place to have a glass or a gig with some guitar and drums!

What has been your favourite project at Hexagon so far?
Every project has its different challenges and achievements. In terms of big scope and lessons learned I have to say “Exyte Singapore”, for being able to connect with other colleagues and team working its “PGN Indonesia”, and finally for sheer dedication combined with the high on site experience it would be “Melbourne Metro (RPV)”.

What did it mean to you to win the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award?
It was like a big breath of fresh air. Recognition is always a great motivator to keep you moving forward and to remember that every effort spent has its reward.

What would you like to achieve next, professionally or personally?
Personally I want to learn as many things as I can about my new lifestyle, for example could you believe that I’m living in Australia and I haven’t learn how to surf yet?! Professionally I would like to face new challenges and improve the processes with the lessons I’ve gained throughout the years. I also like the idea of knowledge sharing, we have a great group of people and I don’t want to lose the chance to learn from everyone here. So that’s what I’m striving to achieve.

What advice would you have for prospective Hexagon PPM candidates?
If you get the chance to be part of Hexagon PPM don’t hesitate, and go for it! A positive and dynamic environment is all part of the Hxgn PPM lifestyle, it is a joy to be working here and I wouldn’t think twice.


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