Life at Hexagon: Featuring Trevor Peter

In this blog post we are pleased to introduce you to Trevor Peter! Project Manager from Perth, Australia.


Tell us a little about yourself and your journey at Hexagon?

I started at Hexagon 11 years ago as an IM Application Engineer. Since then, I’ve gotten to work with many customers and developed an interest in how projects ran. Approximately three years ago, I moved to a project management role and worked hard to be the kind of project manager I’ve enjoyed working for in the past.


What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy scheduling projects; there are often many competing variables to consider and organise. When it goes smoothly, it’s nice knowing I did my job well.


What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

If I hadn’t enjoyed the problem solving that came with coding, I almost certainly would have pursued becoming a pilot. I had an aviation scholarship at high school and got my private pilot license back in 2000. It’s since lapsed, but I would love to fly small aircraft again in the future.


What did it mean to you to win the SKO award this year for “Most Committed”?

It meant a great deal to win the Most Committed award as commitment is a personal value I highly regard. I like to take ownership of tasks and see them through to the best of my ability.


What would you like to achieve next, professionally or personally?

I’m continually seeking my next goal; I’ve never been one to sit idle for long. Professionally I’m working towards additional project management certifications as my next immediate goal. Outside of work, I continue to seek ways to connect meaningfully with friends and family, especially in light of the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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