LNS Research: Hexagon Breaks Rank at Global Conference

From the HxGN LIVE 2019 stage in Las Vegas, Ola Rollén promotes the philosophy of achieving the best business outcomes by creating a sustainable work process.


The messaging at HxGN LIVE last month differed from that other technology conferences, including HxGN LIVE conferences of years past. Hexagon President/CEO Ola Rollén kicked off the annual  four-day digital solutions conference in Las Vegas by asking in his keynote the 3,000+ attendees to consider how they could save the planet.

That’s pretty different, right?

Then, as the conference continued, other keynotes and presentations focused on business outcomes rather than the intricacies of Hexagon’s far-reaching technology.

Highlighting how Hexagon “broke ranks in two very distinct ways” was Tom Comstock, whose Industrial Transformation Blog for LNS Research pondered the difference.

“Anyone that conducts a quick review of LNS Research blog posts will quickly discover that virtually all technology events over the last 18 months started with a theme of Digital Transformation and immediatelylaunched into discussion about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the Cloud, and all sorts of other ‘new’ technologies that are changing the face of business,” Comstock writes.

“Most events quickly lost focus on the big message and quickly got into the feature / function weeds on their specific technologies, while Digital Transformation remained the event ‘north star.’ Not at HxGN LIVE 2019…”

Comstock noted that Rollén’s heartfelt presentation encouraged customers and people everywhere to change their unsustainable behavior, lest the planet reach a point of no return.

“He contended that data can save the world because we have solutions today to reduce our CO2 emissions to 1919 levels,” Comstock writes. “… Rollén avowed that’s Hexagon’s mission: develop technology solutions that deliver a positive business outcome for industrials (higher revenues or lower costs) which directly contribute to improved sustainability. He asserts that higher productivity and quality outcomes will drive sustainability and growth for businesses and the planet.”

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