L&T-Valdel Succeeds on Offshore Loading Facility with CAESAR II

L&T Valdel

L&T-Valdel (LTV) was awarded a subcontract to design internal turrets for two offshore FPSO facilities. Each turret system includes a 28-meter diameter geo-stationary turntable and a turret access structure (TAS) that revolves around the turntable to enable weathervaning.

The facility has 14,000 meters of piping with diameters of 0.75 to 24 NPS and a thickness of up to 40 mm. The lift weight capacity is 3,300 metric tons for each turntable and 1,500 metric tons for each TAS. The project budget was for 120,000 man-hours. Facing these challenges, LTV chose CAESAR II.

“CAESAR II easily handled the large amount of displacements input, saving us significant time,” explained Vikas Shivalingaiah, technologist at LTV. “We saved more man-hours by using CAESAR II output to quickly identify mismatches between the stress results and pipe model, which enabled faster updates.”


LTV received the 2016 CAESAR II Drivers of Success Runner-Up Award for its use of the software. The annual Drivers of Success competition recognizes innovative applications of Hexagon PPM products, impressive project results, and significant benefits from collaboration among disciplines and the integration of the products.

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