Oil & Gas Industry News Wrap – April 2018

In this month’s PPM Oil & Gas Industry News Wrap, we celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21. It is the culmination of World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW), which begins on Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday – April 15 – each year. Since 2001, WCIW has grown to be observed in more than 50 countries.

Also this month:

  • Western Australia set to become world LNG hub
  • Drone footage shows how to “stretch” a cruise ship
  • Shell looking to shake up Australia’s energy market

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World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day is the brainchild of Canadian Marci Segal and has been celebrated on April 21 each year since 2001. Last year, it was recognized as a United Nations Day of Observance. Its purpose is to “remind and encourage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place”.

At Hexagon PPM, with digital transformation being such a hot topic, we celebrate innovation with our partners in the energy and construction industries every day. Click here to read some of our favorite customer success stories!

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Western Australia set to become world LNG hub

The Premier of Western Australia has announced that the state government will work with industry to help create new long-term job opportunities within the state’s LNG industry.

Premier Mark McGowan said the new LNG Jobs Taskforce would be established to maximize the benefits from the state’s LNG operations, support services and infrastructure.

“Australia is set to have the world’s largest LNG export city by mid-2018, surpassing Qatar, so now is the time for our state to act and become a globalhub,” he told delegates at the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference in Perth last month.

Woodside Petroleum joined other industry leaders in welcoming the announcement, with a representative from the company saying McGowan’s vision of Perth becoming a global LNG hub was encouraging.

The Woodside-operated North West Shelf project has spent more than $1.5 billion on service and materials in WA, and this is set to increase as new LNG projects are developed.

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association’s Stedman Ellis said collaboration between government and industry was the key to creating a vibrant new LNG services sector.

“The benefits to the WA economy would be enormous. McKinsey and Company estimate that a new LNG service industry could deliver up to 15,000 new jobs and up to $1 billion every year in exports to other LNG producers,” he said in a media release issued following Mr McGowan’s announcement.

The WA Government is to be applauded for recognizing this opportunity and for providing leadership. But timing is crucial. We face competition from Singapore, Malaysia and a number of nations in the Middle East which are all developing their own LNG service sectors.”

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Drone footage shows how to stretch a cruise ship

It’s not often we get to see a cruise ship “stretching”, but that is exactly what happened when Silversea’s ship, Silver Spirit, was cut in half to add a midsection to the luxury ocean liner.

Not only is the “stretching” a sight to see, but the drone technology that enabled the footage is also impressive.

The project has cost Silversea about $70 million and increased Silver Spirit’s city by roughly 12 percent, from 540 to 608 passengers.

The ship was stripped of fixtures and fitting and cut in half, with the two halves separated. The following day, the new mid-section was rolled into place. It was an engineering feat involving more than 50,000 design hours, with no room forerrors.

In May, the Silver Spirit will sail again, good as new, with 35 new suites, a larger pool deck, two new restaurants and a new and expanded spa and fitness area.

Ship stretching has a long history dating back to 1871,when Allan Line was the first company to cut a ship in half to incorporate new compound steam engines.

While stretching a ship is not cheap, it is far less expensive than building a brand new one.

Silversea’s Andrea Zito told Telegraph Travel that although ship-stretching has become routine, it is still a complicated act of engineering.

“It’s not like cutting a piece of bread,” he said. “The structure is very delicate and there is lots of residual tension so you have to be very careful with the cutting sequence.”

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Shell looks to shake up Australian energy market

Royal Dutch Shell has its sights firmly set on the Australian retail energy market, with reports that it is ready to take on big players Origin Energy, AGL Energy and EnergyAustralia.

This follows last year’s acquisition of U.K. energy and broadband company, First Utility, in a move to shake up that country’s six major energy retailers.

In an article published in the Australian Financial Review, Shell’s Maarten Wetselaar said the company saw “real opportunities to disrupt existing market structures wherever we go because we come at it from a different perspective – an energy trading perspective and large gas supplier”.

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