Operations Maintenance

Hexagon PPM surveyed 170 professionals across process industries at the end of 2017 and asked respondents this multiple-choice question: Which plant activities have the greatest need for easy accessibility to reliable and trustworthy information?

Sixty-five percent responded that “Modifications, Revamps and Maintenance Changes” are their No. 1 area of greatest need, followed closely by “Maintenance and Reliability” at 62 percent.

Disparate systems limit organizations from having a uniform view of critical information needed for these and all other plant activities – no “single source of truth.” When data is siloed and different departments in an organization rely on different data, it often results in costly errors, which in turn can limit profits.

Now imagine having all necessary information available to operate and maintain any facility when and where it’s needed the most.

PPM’s best-in-class solutions deliver right-time access to critical business data, transforming unstructured information into a smart digital asset. We help visualize, build, and manage the life cycle of facilities and structures of all complexities, ensuring efficient and safe operation throughout the entire life cycle.

PPM solutions help our customers maintain the integrity of their facility’s information, leveraging it to ensure safe, compliant, and efficient operations by:

  • Giving them the ability to quickly access information when and where they need it
  • Allowing them to take advantage of a single, trusted point of access to all facility data, including information from third-party systems
  • Providing access to enable faster and better decisions with less risk

The days of spreadsheets and scribbled notes are over. The modern smart digital asset technology available in PPM’s portfolio helps owner Operator make smarter business choices while ensuring sustainable operations efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Hexagon PPM recognizes the potential of an integrated ecosystem that harmonizes the digital asset representing its physical counterpart throughout the asset’s life. Our vision is to right-time access to the right information, thereby connecting all parts of a complex picture.

Learn more here about Hexagon PPM offerings for Operations and Maintenance.

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