Partnership with Radix to Drive Brownfield Data Transformation

By Glenn Boyko
Hexagon PPM Director Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Digital transformation in process plants and other industrial assets is poised to create unprecedented efficiency and return on investment. Concurrently, it exerts pressure on our customers to evolve their business processes.

To enhance our support of owner operator customers, Hexagon PPM is developing an alignment program with companies whocan advance even more seamless innovation.

That’s why we are welcoming Radix Engineering and Software to the Hexagon Partner community. They will bring a wealth of experience in Hexagon solutions and the O&M space to deliver a more personal, immersive experience to our customers as they digitally transform their assets.

We’ve always encouraged our customers to view this journey as a steady, incremental process rather than an all-or-nothing deep dive, and our arrangement with Radix reinforces that philosophy.

Fabio Yada, Senior Vice President, Hexagon PPM South America On expanding our partnership with RADIX from Brazil to a Global scale, we will be able to spread our common vision about the significant improvements that our technology can provide to the Owner Operator in different kinds of processes.

Flavio Guimaraes, CEO Radix US: The partnership between Hexagon PPM and Radix will bring a solid framework to our common customers by combining digital technology with engineering and operations expertise. It will enable, for example, the integration of robust analytics into 3D models to support predictive and prescriptive maintenance of assets, considerably saving OPEX costs.

About Radix:  Radix is a global company headquartered in Houston, Texas, and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a digital engineering company that successfully combines engineering technology (ET), operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) into unique solutions with the goal of transforming scientific knowledgeand technology into impactful results.


Glenn Boyko
Glenn Boyko joined Hexagon PPM in January 2018, following the company’s acquisition of Industrial Business Services, where he worked as Business Development Director for the . He currently serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances for PPM, overseeing long-range corporate and business partner initiatives. He lives in British Columbia, Canada. Contact him on LinkedIn,  

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