Putting Relevant Data to Work: Interoperable Connected Ecosystems

By Mattias Stenberg
Hexagon PPM President

By definition, an ecosystem is something that is made up of parts. The ecosystem that comprises Hexagon PPM includes 50 years’ experience, groundbreaking technology that runs the gamut from A to Z, and a network of customers who demand our very best.

This strong foundation empowers an autonomous future, complete with 3,000+ patents and a team of 2,000+ developersworking every day to make innovation a consistent reality. Our strength lies in the concept of One Hexagon, an ecosystem of companies that bolsters and informs one another with supportive technologies and ideas.

This week, I had theopportunity to meet with more than 300 of our most engaged customers during our annual HxGN LOCAL User Conference in Houston, Texas, where we shared success stories and our vision of where we’re headed.

I told the audience that when I came into the role of president a few years ago, I knew we had some user experience issues. When I asked one of our staff about it, I was told that our UX didn’t really have any problems: “Once the user knows how to use it, it should be easy to use.”

Well, he was half right. It should be easy to use. Period.

We did – and still do – have some gorgeous UX offerings. But UX is not just about being pretty. It is about working smarter, faster, more intuitively. Conversations I’ve had with customers these past few years have inspired and informed some much-needed changes:

  • You wanted simplicity. We have dramatically reduced the number of clicks to achieve common tasks.
  • You wanted an intuitive experience. UX is “smart” and predictive, right on the screen where you’re working.
  • You were tired of wasting time. Our solutions now cut design time by 15 percent.

And that’s just the engineering and design side of the house. We are investing additional time and energy on operations and management. We have either created or enhanced solutions that connect workers to real-time data and digitalization that provide foresight, reduced accidents, confidence between shifts, greater compliance and increased performance.

Throughout your projects and operations, we provide entrée anytime, anywhere to indisputable data. All of this helps achieve what our owner Operator and EPCs want most: better margins and safer workers.

But what does this actually mean for you? What outcomes can you expect? Look at our impact with companies that have adopted our solutions:

  • 20-30 percent productivity increase
  • 15-25 percent schedule compression
  • 10-15 percent CapEx savings

We don’t do this alone. We see our customers as co-creators in the solutions we deliver. The UX is a great example of that.

You aren’t a passive voyeur in a client-vendor transaction; you are an active member of an entrepreneurial, innovative team.

You are an integral part of our process; it belongs to you; it is yours to influence and engage in.

Let’s go all together to achieve a simple yet powerful purpose – to boost efficiency, productivity and quality to ultimately achieve a better outcome for you and for the industry.

Mattias Stenberg
As Hexagon PPM President, Mattias Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction and overall business development of the company. He has an MBA in economics from Linköping University and a degree in computer sciences from Stockholm University, both in Sweden.


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