Reducing the Costs – and Time – of Handover

The process of information and documentation handover is typically a messy, high-stress, complex operation. Industry research has shown that costs for handover to operations for a US$1 billion facility can typically be up to US$20 million and take up to one year.

Hexagon PPM recently surveyed industry information management professionals about their biggest challenges during information handover. Reviewing information quality and checking on completeness – as well as validating information against the specifications – were noted as the most critical.

The greatest value associated with quality data handover is experienced in the operations phase. High-quality data is critical to the safe, reliable, and effective operation of any manufacturing facility. If the quality of information handed over to operations is questionable from the start, plant personnel quickly learn they have to walk-down equipment to physically verify the true state of the plant.

These pains are eased when the capture, quality, and availability of unstructured data are improved during EPC handover; standardization is essential.  This enables customers to achieve an accurate ‘as-is’ virtual record of the physical asset, and leveraging this data optimizes operations and maintenance.

SmartPlant Fusion and Intergraph Smart Data Validator support creation of intelligent information from unstructured, duplicated and non-integrated information. It enables users to rapidly find, capture, organize, link, and visualize large volumes of information. Intergraph Smart Digital Asset offers projects a unique simple to use, scalable, secure, flexible, cloud-based tool.

Read our Digital Insight story that reveals how to assist with this process, Hexagon PPM is aligning with the new emerging CFIHOS standard to create a much more efficient way to do handover.

You’ll also find links to a webinar and white paper that further explore this new CFIHOS process.



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