Release of Intergraph Smart 3D 2019 Expands Design into Operations

Hexagon PPM Executive Product Director

For engineering companies that create 3D models for projects in the marine, power and process industries, Intergraph Smart 3D is viewed as the premier design solution. The new release of this software enhances how customers meet their business outcomes for safe, efficient, and sustainabledesign.

This new version of Smart 3D expands powerful capabilities in design and operations. Major enhancements in Project As-Built, structural and digitization are the cornerstones of the new release.

Power of the Digital Twin 
Smart 3D has expanded beyond traditional engineering and design into the operational phase by offering Project As-Built capabilities. This allows owners to take the 3D model fit for operational purposes/tasks and use this to lower operational costs and risks. Through Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher, we can convert 3D models from various formats into one consolidated 3D model. This provides the owner with one 3D model and one platform to use the model for operations, like turnaround planning, safety studies and use as the basis for plant modifications.

Smart Interop Publisher handles large models and offers validation reports to ensure quality conversions.

Structural Enhancements shorten schedule and improves design quality 
On the structural side, we added the SDS/2 plug-in that works seamlessly in the Smart 3D structural task and allows users to automatically design and create boltedconnections. This is automatic and fast. Smart 3D and the SDS/2 plug-in are rules-driven to comply with standards and engineering practices.

Other disciplines, like piping, need their bolted connections early on inorder to make the right design decision in terms of spacing and to avoid clashes and late design changes. Once the design is complete, a seamless handover to the fabrication is done, which eliminates many drawing creations and change requests from the fabricator. This results in significant schedule and cost changes

Digitize Existing Facilities 
To help owners with their digitization strategy, the 2019 release has enhanced the use of laser-scanned point clouds. Not only can it be made part of a hybrid – meaning the as-built and the point clouds together form one plant model – but the point cloud can be used for modeling, and part of the point cloud can be ‘demolished’ to design new process units. Clash detection is fully enabled between point cloud and all other plant objects.

As expected, several deliverables can automatically be created from the as-built model and the as-built plus additions/modification. For example, an isometric can be created showing the existing line dotted and the new modification in solid lines.

We listen to our customers 
Smart 3D is used worldwide by companies to boost productivity, accelerate projects and gain a competitive edge. We have included customer-driven requests in the latest release. Join the Smart 3D LinkedIn TUF group to give feedback and discover more updates.


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Frank Joop
Frank Joop is an executive product director at Hexagon PPM and works from the Huntsville, Alabama, USA, headquarters. He has been with the company since 1988.


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