Russian Engineering Company Gains Greater Productivity, Clash-Free Designs for LNG Project with Hexagon

Russian SSTenergomontazh focuses on electrical heating, insulation and engineering in oil and gas facilities.

The company was selected for the design and documentation of an electrical system at a LNG production and shipment terminal in the port of Vysotsk, Russia. The project had to be executed on schedule and with an error-free design.

A key challenge was working with different file drawings that were produced from different 3D design systems. How could they ensure a centralized approach and ensure the different files could be utilized together in one solution?

Intergraph Spoolgen was selected because of its capabilities to combine .idf and .pcf files into groups within the technical systems as .pod files. This enabled a quicker understanding of the piping layout and enhanced design efficiency, which led to substantial time savings. Intergraph Smart® Isometrics, a specification-driven, pipe-sketching solution, enabled quick and accurate 3D designs.

This was the first project by SSTenergomontazh using Spoolgen and Isometrics. Moving forward, they will continue to utilize the Hexagon solutions within their projects to ensure standardization and efficiency with clash-free designs.

Products used:

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