Shift Excellence: Employing the Human Sector

 (This isthe third blog in a series on business outcome-based conversations.)

Operations personnel should not have to question their safety due to poor handover from shift activities; their friends and family are counting on them to get home safely. Using paper forms and spreadsheets to document shift activities leads to unnecessary risks at already complex plants. Driving Shift Excellence can significantly improve shift activities and ultimately reduce risk.

From the most earth-shattering accidents, to untimely shut downs and deterioration, your workers are a key defense against damage. Driving Shift Excellence fosters success because it focuses on the talent and expertise of the people working in your plant today.

Automatic and instantaneous information updates empower your workers, keeping them connected, freeing their time and focus and ensuring clear communication during critical times.

The effectiveness of Operator during shift activities and handover is a variable that positively impacts:

  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • Uptime

However, at the end of a shift, all the information created over the last 12 hours is time-consuming to consolidate in order to effectively communicate to the on-coming shift.

Shift Excellence simplifies a process that used to take hours of data entry: teams now work with the logs, tasks, and orders digitally collected throughout the shift, to address anomalies and effectively communicate with the on-coming shift.

Shift Excellence is powered by j5 International’s shift handover software; j5 International is a newly acquired Hexagon PPM company.



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