Should Engineers Week be renamed Engineers Year?

At the beginning of this week, I was kindly invited by one of our customers in the Netherlands, to a Lunch and Learn Session to present Hexagon PPM’s vision and expectations for innovations in our industry.

The theme for the session was Engineers Week, and during the session we explored what the biggest innovation in our industry is. Is it Augmented reality, Drones, or Remote inspection? Personally, I like to focus on our daily business processes and how innovation can help EPC companies move forward. This way, I see Industry 4.0 / Digital Transformation (or as we all call it at Hexagon PPM, Digital Plant) as the biggest buzzwords for the industry.

The Digital Plant is really a prerequisite for Digital Transformation. Creating a Digital Twin, a single data-centric source of truth for all your engineering information, can really help you streamline business processes and focus on the availability of trustworthy information.During the previously mentioned customer visit, we discussed how the Digital Twin could benefit engineers and the results were clear; a streamlined process is an efficient process and this is what we want to achieve, to enable engineers to focus on their core activities as there are not enough engineers to begin with. In other words, Digital Twin helps engineers to work more efficiently, productively and safely.

Yesterday, I visited a different customer and again we discussed innovation, connecting the real and the digital word and how solutions from different industries could play a beneficial role in the Process industry. How lessons learned in the Manufacturing industry, Geospatial or Mining industry can be leveraged in our industry. How we can look further than traditional methods, and come up with innovative ideas and find new ways of working. For me, this connection between the real and digital world is what Engineer Week is all about.

After participating in these the two sessions, I left with an understanding of the vision and principle of Engineers Week. For me, the purpose of Engineers Week is to call attention to the contributions to society that engineers make. It is also a time for engineers to emphasize the importance of learning math, science, and technical skills. Contributions to society by engineering are countless… all the products we touch, all the materials we use, the roads we drive on, the planes we fly with – it’s all engineering excellence! I believe it is not just for a week that we need to focus on the contributions of engineers, it is something to be consistently mindful of. There are simply just not enough engineers in the world, a fact that we also witness at Hexagon PPM, as we are hiring good and qualified engineers for different roles.

As the Engineers Week is coming to an end, I want to call on everyone to show, explain and evangelize what a beautiful and meaningful profession engineering is. And not just this week, but the whole year through. If we as Hexagon PPM can relieve the pressure of engineers by helping them to engineer better, faster and safer, we gladly do so!

James Tauladan
Reginal Business Unit Manager
Hexagon PPM

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