Simplifying business processes for the UKCS at the Hexagon PPM Discovery Tour

GetSmart Blog met with John Lawson from Hexagon PPM UK to discuss the upcoming Hexagon PPM Discovery Tour Aberdeen and how digitalization of engineering processes and asset information can help the local owner Operator to mitigate the challenges brought by the current market conditions.

Hi John! You will be presenting during the upcoming Hexagon PPM Discovery Tour in Aberdeen. Could you tell us a little bit about the event and your presentation?

Our upcoming Hexagon PPM Discovery Tour, taking place in Aberdeen, Scotland on December 6, 2017 will focus on how digitalization of engineering processes and asset information can help to improve business processes and practices. We will be discussing how we can reset business practices and attitudes to ensure long-term health and longevity of the UKCS Oil & Gas businesses.

My presentation will cover the full spectrum of value-based capability that the Hexagon toolset delivers to support asset modifications, maintenance and operations.

What do you see as the key challenges Owner Operator in the UK are currently facing?

OOs on the UKCS have made great strides in cost reduction, the challenge now is to ensure that those cost reductions are sustainable in a “lower for longer” environment.

Cost cutting has “right-sized” the supply chain to the current level of demand. For successful future, it is imperative that we have smarter and more efficient tools and processes in place to ensure that further increase in the oil price and subsequent demand does not result purely in inflation of costs. This can be achieved by optimizing and digitalizing processes.

And what do you see as the role of asset information management solutions, such as Intergraph Smart® Digital Asset, in facilitating these challenges?

A big question, that traditionally has had a lot of answers. Our key approach is to simplify business processes by leveraging the Hexagon PPM technologies to enable our clients to “safely do more with less”.

What are you personally looking forward to during the Hexagon PPM Discovery Tour?

I personally haven’t seen a Leica BLK360 scanning device, but it would seem to be a real game changer in brownfield data acquisition. Being able to capture the as-built state of your facility quickly can further accelerate the safety and cost improvements that laser scanning has already brought to the business.

Any tips for the people still considering whether or not to attend?

I don’t want to give the game away, but we are definitely showing some new technologies during the event! These new solutions that combine the strengths of Hexagon companies can provide incredible levels of simplification, capability and cost savings to the employees, so I would definitely recommend you to attend!

You can download the free GF digital libraries at

John Lawson
Senior Account Manager
Hexagon PPM

To learn more about Hexagon PPM’s next-generation information management solutions, visit our IM webpage, or download a free information package including a case study on how Eskom, one of the key energy companies in the world, created smarter engineering information assets with the help of Hexagon PPM solutions.


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