Strategic Projects Inc. (SPI) Realize a 12 Percent Gain in Productivity by Switching to CADWorx

Based in Canada, Strategic Projects Inc. is an Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management (EPCM) company with focus on oil and gas facility and pipeline projects.

Prior to the conversion, SPI’s design process consisted of generating the 3D model of the facility. Then, from the model, they generated traditional drawing packages such as layouts and piping isometrics for use in fabrication. As part of their cost saving measures, SPI was tasked to simplify the workflow between the engineering and fabrication teams.

By using CADWorx, they were able to reduce mechanical design and drafting hours by approximately 12 percent, which positively impacted both the project cost and schedule. SPI used the 3D model generated in CADWorx as a reference point for integration of various project tasks.

Moving forward, SPI started multiple research projects in the fall of last year to further utilize the 3D model. They recently completed a facility expansion project and was able to increase the accuracy of the model to within a few millimeters by performing a 3D laser scan of the existing facility at the beginning of the project and incorporating point cloud data into the 3D model.

Read the case study here.

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