Streamlining Accuracy and Consistency in Project Deliverables

In the past few months, economic changes have prompted many engineers to seek even more value out of their deliverables. Thus, there has also been a significant shift for companies looking not just at greenfield, but also brownfield work.

There’s underlying pressure to drive efficiency by utilizing the right tools to help maintain profits on existing assets. In other words, proper solutions are needed that can be quickly adopted to a changing environment.

Hexagon PPM is focused on helping companies fulfill their design needs by providing the most complete, flexible and intuitive CAD solutions on the market and by delivering the most up-to-date tools for today’s engineering demands. One such solution is the CADWorx Design Suite – an adaptive, quick and easy solution to set up as well as to use.

It enables well-organized, effective creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models and is flexible by providing the option to run on the BricsCAD (included) or AutoCAD platform.

Watch the new CADWorx video series and discover how you can work more efficiently, intelligently and create revenue-earning deliverables more accurately. See an overview of the new equipment environment, the new structural connections and CADWorx Design Review’s new point cloud support. Improve efficiency in project execution and expand the value in your deliverables today!

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Alex Timofeyev
Alex is Global Marketing Program Manager for the Hexagon PPM Engineering, Procurement and Construction portfolio, including CADWorx. He is responsible for developing marketing lead-generation campaigns, guiding product launches and releases, collaborating with cross-functional teams on Go-to-Market Strategies, managing webinars, customer user groups and success awards. He is fluent in English and Russian and is based out of PPM’s Houston, Texas, office.

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