Tetra Pak: Virtual Design/Visualization of Plant Enables Digital Twin for Food/Bev

New technologies and innovations are driving rapid change across the manufacturing sector to make smarter business decisions.

One of the most recent examples of that is the announcement that Tetra Pak – the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company – is collaborating with Hexagon PPM to enhance its Smart Solutions Platform. This upgraded plant engineering platform will offer virtual visualization to assist customers throughout the engineering process, speeding up delivery and enabling the use of digital twin technology.

To make it the most effective and efficient solution, digital twin data will be incorporated across the entire plant lifecycle.

Pairing Tetra Pak’s knowledge of food production with Hexagon PPM’s expertise in engineering technology will further drive digital end-to-end solutions for the food and beverage industry. This development, which includes reusable design, will enhance understanding and transparency and ensure faster on-site installation and customized optimization.

“With Tetra Pak´s Smart Solutions Platform, it will be easier for customers to do business with us. Collaboration in virtual space will make us more agile in both the projects and the lifecycle work,” said Marie Sandin, VP Projects, Engineering & Plant Automation, Tetra Pak.

“The advantage of choosing Hexagon is that we can visualize the complete offer, from an engineering tool suite to Industry 4.0 applications for future growth. And by choosing Tetra Pak, Hexagon collaborates with an important player in the food and beverage industry.”

The first pilot is in development in Lund, Sweden; global roll out will begin later this year.

Hexagon PPM President Mattias Stenberg said he looks forward to continued collaboration with Tetra Pak, which shares a commitment to quality and sustainability.

“We don’t want to just sell a one-time product; we aim to create solutions that bring long-term value to our customers’ workflow and builds relationship,” he said. “Tetra Pak’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in food processing solutions together with our future-proof asset information management and engineering design technologies will certainly help customers achieve their goals.”


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