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By Alex Timofeyev
Sr. Marketing Specialist

For more than 25 years, O/Os and EPC firms have been utilizing innovative tools available in CADWorx, CAESAR II, GT STRUDL, and PV Elite in their challenging plant design processes. These go-to tools have helped thousands of corporations lower the cost by creating revenue-earning deliverables more efficiently. But did you know about just some of the industries CADWorx & Analysis Solutions serves?

Food and Beverage
The obvious need for sanitary conditions within the Food & Beverage plant environment dictates that the industry specific standards and specifications must be adhered to during plant design, construction and operations.

Oil and Gas
The Oil and Gas industry involves a vast array of energy company requirements and activities that range from oil exploration, drilling, refining, and processing. Supporting the Oil and Gas industry around the world are leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms, contractors, and suppliers who have unique project requirements themselves.

The downstream process of refining oil and natural gas feedstock into a variety of petroleum distillates is a significant industry unto itself. Like the Oil and Gas industry, the Petrochemical industry consists of extensive plant facilities, is process intensive, and represents a substantial contributor to numerous other industries and economies around the world.

The Pharmaceutical industry has stringent Bioprocess Equipment (ASME BPE) standards for hygienic piping systems and equipment found within a pharmaceutical plant. Meeting these standards requires plant design software that can address these standards accurately and deliver value during the plant design workflow.

The Power Industry represents a rather diverse array of projects. Plant design needs can be vast and range from small to very large power plant projects. Choosing the best 3D plant design software can make all the difference in successful project execution. CADWorx has been used to design and construct a variety of power industry projects.

The semiconductor industry may represent the most demanding plant design criteria to address by engineering professionals due to the unique building systems and process piping requirements of a semiconductor Fabrication (FAB) facility. Having the right 3D software tools are vital in delivering the accuracy and quality required in these projects.

Water Treatment, Wastewater
The Water Treatment industry is really three industries in one; consisting of Water Purification, Waste Water Treatment, and Desalination. At Hexagon, we believe that water is a most precious resource. As a software vendor, we are committed to the need to champion the cause of providing water treatment plant design solutions.

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