Three Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Do With … CADWorx

In our monthly “Three Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Do With …” blog series, you will discover different features and benefits of CADWorx & Analysis Solutions. This month, learn more about CADWorx from our Application Engineer, Massimiliano Vaccari, who has over 15 years of plant design experience.


1. Point Cloud, Saving You Time and Effort
When you are talking about a small building or a huge plant, the challenges you face are the same, no matter the scale or size. Are my measurements accurate? Did I remember to measure the pipeline or the tag of the valve?

Using the Lecia CloudWorx for the Point Cloud and CADWorx for modeling, you can get all the missing pieces of information and details in the same environment. This way you can accurately check those questions without having to switch file formats or software.

When starting from scratch or starting with an existing plant design, using CADWorx Plant and CADWorx Structure means you can easily model the pipelines and steel structures using the Point Cloud as a reference, saving time, energy and increasing accuracy.

2. The Marine Industries Hard to Reach Areas Made Easier
With CADWorx, it is even easier to model plant design systems for the marine and shipbuilding industries. The engine room, for example, is usually a very tight, confined environment with a very limited space available. When modeling from the beginning or just revamping an existing room, even if it was only adding a couple of valves, it was hard, if not impossible to do … but not anymore!

CADWorx Clash Management offers you a powerful feature that allows you to define a “NO ENTRY” zone for the modeling, i.e., to keep free space available for a valve replacement. The dismantling operations, or simply a modification of the route, means it is easier to do in the future. This saves you time and energy when revamping or just updating those tight and confined project areas.

3. CADWorx Administrator, Giving You Quicker Project Customization
CADWorx is the complete plant design suite that can be used to its maximum potential by using its default features. Once you start using CADWorx for more complex projects, you will quickly realize the software will need some customization to fit your specific needs or sub-contractor requirements.

Here’s the difference between a CADWorx Administrator and the CADWorx User: If you go through the complete set of capabilities in CADWorx, you can set up a project, create or modify your customized catalogs and specifications and create assembly libraries, user shapes and graphic overlays as a CADWorx Administrator. Then, a CADWorx User can use and reuse those created libraries without being afraid of using the wrong component or symbol as they have already been defined and customized.

This gives you and your team quicker project development in the design phases with more efficiency.


Massimiliano Vaccari
Massimiliano is Hexagon’s PPM division’s senior application engineer for EMIA Volume Sales. He has over 15 years of plant design experience working on water treatment, waste recycling plants and machine tool design for the food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries. He lives in Italy, where he is responsible for providing technical support, customization, implementation and training for the CADWorx Plant Design Suite.


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