UK-based On Line Engineering Ensures Compliance with Hexagon Products

On Line Design & Engineering provides engineering expertise to the piping and process industry and works closely with leading owner Operator in the petrochemical industry.

The company was hired to find solutions to maintain piping system operations within a major oil refinery after fitness-for-service measurements revealed potential problems. During an inspection phase, a nozzle connection to a critical item of equipment was found to be corroded. How could they be sure that the remaining thickness would safely retain the fluid during operation?

CAESAR II was used to create a model of the entire piping system, including a connection from a tower to the heat exchanger nozzle. The main objective was to avoid any costly shutdowns and to have a better understanding of the current state of the piping system.

Read the entire case study to see how On Line Engineering is preventing unnecessary piping system modifications while ensuring compliance with site and national standards on its projects.

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