Using Shift Excellence, Situational Awareness to Mitigate Viruses at Industrial Sites

There are two major issues that will continue to be a concern for businesses that have been debilitated by the COVID-19 pandemic: How to achieve optimal efficiency and how to keep their workers safe.

Both will require a heavier dependence on technology, which can – eventually – make them stronger than they were before this crisis and heighten their aptitude to adapt to unexpected changes.

Some of the clients I work with have had to shut down their operations. Others have decreased their staff to skeleton crews. In either scenario, finding a smarter, more streamlined way of doing things to make their facilities safer and more efficient is crucial for survival.

While we didn’t explicitly create our technology with a pandemic mindset, we are seeing how it is contributing to our customers’ abilities to do business during this difficult, unprecedented time.

Specifically, Hexagon PPM’s digital solutions can help owner operators:

• Reduce Risk of Virus Transmission – Maintain standard operational processes and procedures while reducing potential exposure of staff and associated time away from work.

• Maintain Social Distancing – Provide reports of worker locations with alerts when potential contamination may have occurred via contact with other staff or unsanitized locations.

• Provide Alerts and Notifications – Plant management can be notified of potential risks that may have occurred within unsanitized areas and when social distancing violations happen.

• Restrict Access to Unsanitized Areas – Workers can avoid at-risk areas until they are cleared by plant management to occupy.

• Provide Additional Operational Safeguards and Optimize Work Time – Provide plant workers with the full picture and resources to complete their daily tasks while avoiding hazardous areas and activities.

By utilizing the precautions inherent to our Shift Excellence and Situational Awareness solutions, your plant will be a safer place. And amazingly enough, implementation can be completed within a week and handled 100% remotely. That includes training your staff how to use this software.

I – along with David Dollar from j5 Operations Management Solutions – will host the webinar, “Managing Risk and Workforce in the New Norm for Heavy Asset Industries” to walk you through these solutions. We have planned two events so that you can select the time that works best for your schedule.

Session 1: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 | 7:00 AM CDT (convert to your time zone)
Session 2: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 | 7:00 PM CDT (convert to your time zone)

I encourage you to discover what these solutions can mean to your operation!


Jaclyn Arnold

Jaclyn studied Chemical Engineering at Auburn University and proceeded to work over 10 years in fast, demanding operation and maintenance environments assuring risk reduction and production optimization. Her operational experience is influenced by devoting her time to helping operators, leading continuous improvement teams, driving optimization plans, participating in process hazard analyses, designing projects, and implementing process safety management processes. Passionate about processes, she turns to Lean Six Sigma methodologies and technology to modernize how work is performed inside operating facilities.
Jaclyn joined Hexagon PPM in 2015 and is currently Vice President of Owner Operator, providing thought leadership to innovate industrial facilities. She works at company headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

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