Utilizing Predictability Metrics to Improve Performance

Hexagon PPM will present at the upcoming PMI Forum in Grenoble, France, on June 12 & 13. GetSmart! Blog met with Jean-Luc Ozoux, PPM Business Development Consultant, to talk about the event and the latest developments in project performance.

Hi Jean-Luc! You will be presenting during the upcoming PMI Forum in Grenoble. Could you give us a little sneak peek to your presentation? 

This presentation is about driving project predictability across the enterprise. This is a concern that owners and contractors in the construction industry have shared for many decades, but the fact remains that productivity and performance levels in the engineering and construction industry still lag behind other sectors by a considerable margin. 

My presentation will also discuss the definition of project predictability – which can be simply be defined as how early in a project the outcome is known? Construction Industry Institute (CII) research found that on average, forecast variance reporting starts at 65 percent of project duration. When forecasts increase very late in the project, management is left with little or no time to implement corrective actions.Yet, the industry is still focused primarily on final outcome variance, with little regard for how early in the project the outcome becomes known. In my presentation, I will explain which factors affect predictability and how it can be improved by integrating people, processes and tools. You will also be able to see how EcoSys provides predictability metrics for yourproject portfolio.

What are you most looking forward to during the conference?

This conference is one of the best places to meet peers, share experiences, discuss new ideas and learn about the best practices in Project Management. What I am looking forward the most is to provide insights into what Hexagon PPM can bring to project managers through the EcoSys solution, to help them improve the performance of the projects they manage.

How are digital transformation initiatives driving higher project performance? 

Digital transformation provides multiple new technologies to improve the performance of construction project execution and project management. Laser scanning, geospatial, augmented and virtual reality allow digitalization of field work. Artificial intelligence, big data, system integration and mobile applications help to build an integrated project performance management system. This is done by removing subjectivity, fastening data collection, and providing time for analyzing data, instead of focusing on gathering, checking and reporting of information.

In your opinion, what is the role of projects performance software, such as EcoSys, in supporting successful project delivery?

 EcoSys is the only software platform that enables you to measure and improve project predictability, leading to overall project cost and schedule reduction across your enterprise. EcoSys drives standards and provides real-time analytics in an easy-to-use, integrated, and flexible enterprise performance platform.

It serves as the basis for ensuring all the following “Pillars of Predictability” are supported across your organization: Portfolio Management, Project Management, Contract Management.

Where can visitors find you during thePMI Forum? 

We will be available at the Hexagon PPM booth, providing demos and free consultations. Stop by our stand also for a chance to win a FitBit bracelet. 

Jean-Luc Ozoux is in charge of EcoSys Business Development at Hexagon PPM. Hexagon PPM supports its customers in their digital transformation journeys by offering innovative solutions to adopt new technologies applied to the management of large industrial projects. MBA graduate of Paris University in Information Systems and Management, Jean-Luc has been helping organizations implement their Capital Project Management solutions for 30 years. His experience with major project management software, as well as the advice he provides to major companies inFrance and Europe, allows him to take a critical look at the very rapid evolution of tools and technologies that are transforming the working methods, culture and tools.


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