Velesstroy Finds Hexagon Solutions Indispensable for Streamlining Processes, Production Performance

Velesstroy is a major construction and engineering company in Russia and one of the leading businesses operating in the oil & gas, electrical power, industrial and civil engineering industries. Since 2017, the company has used Hexagon’s PPM division’s Intergraph Spoolgen solution to optimize pipeline welding and installation processes.

When switching to Hexagon solutions, Velesstroy’s key goals were to:

  • Improve the quality of documentation
  • Eliminate errors
  • Reduce production costs when ordering equipment and materials
  • Decrease installation costs at the construction sites to ensure cost-efficiency

Overcoming challenges

Before working with Hexagon solutions, Velesstroy had challenges when it came to:

  • Data management: Obtaining and managing initial data from different departments in a centralized manner was not possible. The company formerly received the drawings and specifications separately, often in an uneditable form. Usually, much rework was needed before the data became actionable.
  • Change management: Tracking, monitoring and controlling changes in design was challenging, both internally and when working with customers due to the lack of an integrated, digitalized system.
  • Manual work and lack of automation: Velesstroy had to work with separate drawings and data, and then the drawings and technical information had to be combined manually. Specifications were manually generated, and the data was not connected between the information and the drawings.
  • Error-prone work processes: Existing errors in obtained installation documents and work plans were difficult to notice. Generating installation specifications was prone to errors.
  • High cost of labor: The continuous need for manual work and the reworking of documents increased labor costs.

Realizing Results

Hexagon’s Intergraph Spoolgen software has been helping Velesstroy automate most of the work involved in creating spools and isometrics, creating visibility and greater efficiency. The work management has been overall improved as Spoolgen is utilized to process all the upcoming inputs from contractors.

With Spoolgen and Intergraph Smart Isometrics, Velesstroy has witnessed significant benefits, such as efficiency improvements, resource savings and more error-free deliverables.

Instead of spending up to 90 minutes in the pipeline and isometric creation, Velesstroy can now prepare the documentation in 5-20 minutes.

Ravil Shaykin, Director of Production and Technical Management at Velesstroy said: “The combination of Hexagon software is indispensable for pipeline welding and installation as it streamlines the construction process and enables companies to achieve higher production performance.

You can read the entire case study here for more details about Velesstroy’s experience with Hexagon tools.


Erika Gracés
Erika is the Communications & Content Strategy Lead for Hexagon PPM’s EMIA region. Located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, Erika has worked at Hexagon for seven years and has 10+ years of experience in the tech field. She loves all things content-related, from strategy to planning and creating compelling content. She drives both internal and external communications initiatives for the region, focusing on audience-centric content and strategy.

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