Want to Reduce Project Startup Time and Execution Costs?

In order to stay competitive, you must continually reduce cost and find ways to shorten schedules. If you aren’t already using Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data (SDB), you need to consider why your competitors are.

Valuable not only to EPCs but also to owners and Operator or anyone building or maintaining industrial facilities, the SDB will help you to rapidly deploy reference data such as pipe specs, cables and hangers into your Smart Design Solution catalog to execute billion-dollar facility design or to do a maintenance project such as routing a bypass for maintenance.

Version 2020 Release – Admin Time Saving
We have made it even easier to take advantage of the new content delivered in this version of the SDB. The SDB Merge Tool has been enhanced to allow the administrator to bulk merge all new data and changed data from new SDB versions to your existing database.

Migration of your existing SDB to this new version has been simplified. In this version we are allowing direct migration from v2018 to v2020 without any intermediate steps.

The SDB utility tool is used to check the integrity of your SDB data. In this version, a new set of integrity checks has been added to the utility tool to identify missing NLS descriptions for table details, commodity codes, geometrics, CMS classes, etc. This reduces the risk on the projects by having a high-quality design basis.

New Content
Keeping our promise to ever expand the content offered by the SDB, this release has eight new piping specs based on JIS standards. In addition, 11 of the PIP piping specifications have been configured for export to CADWorx.

About a dozen new pipe support types and a new cable tray support type has also been added to complement the dozens of hangers and support types already there.

Having an up-to-date, quality and complete design basis will help you reduce your project start-up time, the cost of creating and maintaining the design content and give you a set of high-quality design deliverables that will drive procurement and construction. Install or upgrade to the Standard Database for Reference Data version 2020 today.

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