CAESAR II Webinar: FEATools – Efficient Workflow Exercise

Bill Shipley

with Bill Shipley, ECE Design

Date: June 16, 2015
Duration: 40 min
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

Join Bill Shipley and George Montgomery as they demonstrate a practical application of the FEATools software solution from Intergraph. Through the course of the webinar, several unique pipe stress scenarios will be discussed, and solutions will be exercised just as the engineer would with FEATools as a part of their problem-solving workflow.

Learn how to quickly, effectively, and efficiently bring Finite Element Analysis to bear on piping and pressure vessel design/analysis problems by generating automatically improved CAESAR II models. Topics will include the C2 07-02 Translator, as well as a brief discussion on FE107, FESIF, FEBend, and FETee. Convince yourself of the impact this technology can have on your pipe stress analysis results.

Speaker bio:

Bill Shipley is a Technical Sales Application Specialist. His background includes 15 years of piping experience in 3D Plant Design using AutoCAD & CADWorx.

Graduating from the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MMET) program at Texas A&M University in Spring of 2011, George Montgomery has worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for the oil and gas industry, and later as a CADWorx piping designer. George is currently an Application Engineer delivering technical guidance to customers, and providing analysis solutions to present-day problems.

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