We’ve Made Documentation Accessibilty So Much Easier

Find the information you need for using Hexagon PPM products on our new documentation site, https://docs.hexagonppm.com.

Use the site to:

  • Search cross-product content
  • Bookmark topics
  • Create your own books
  • Give us feedback

The site represents a documentation digital transformation for PPM. It’s responsive, supporting various screen sizes, devices and browsers. And we can deliver frequent updates to content as needed.

With the site, you’ll always have easy access to the latest documentation. You can continue to open help from Help menus and F1 inside your favorite PPM products, too.

With videos, work processes, animations, filtering and more, the Hexagon PPM documentation site provides the next-level of user assistance for our most important audience … you!

What’s available on the new PPM documentation site?
HxGN SDx and SmartPlant Foundation 2019 are the first major PPM products to release help on the site. That means zero documentation footprint! Other products will convert to hosted documentation as schedules allow.

By the end of 2019, you’ll see documentation for all supported product releases on the site. Right now, you can view documentation forSmart 3D, PDS, Smart Interop Publisher, CAESAR II, and others. More are coming soon!

What benefits does the documentation site have for me?

  • “Build-it-yourself” books with only the content you want, downloadable as PDF and HTML
  • Direct feedback on specific topics from you to the PPM documentation team
  • Viewable documentation on any internet-connected device, including your phone
  • Bookmarks for topics you like and alerts when we update content you’re interested in
  • No waiting for hotfixes to get updates, especially high-priority help fixes and new videos and work processes
  • Web analytics to show us the content customers use most, helping us focus on updating what’s important to you

To learn more about how to use the PPM documentation site and the site’s features, see the site help.

Lonnye Yancey-Smith is Executive Manager of Solution Documentation at Hexagon PPM, where she’s spent the last 20 years writing help and helping writers. She works from the company’s Madison, Alabama, office.

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