What BASF Learned … and How You Can Use It


In the briefest of definitions, digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all sectors of a business. It essentially changes all operations and the way a company delivers value to its customers.

It means walking away from the processes you’ve held for a long time … even if those processes have made you successful thus far.

So, why do it? And how should you do it?

In this conversation between BASF’s electronic document manager Marko Friedrich and Hexagon PPM’s business development executive director Frank Joop at HxGN LIVE 2018, discover how a company approaches the complicated task of achieving digital transformation.

Friedrich discusses “BASF 4.0,” a pilot project with dedicated resources and a leader that reports directly to the CEO. Chemical giant BASF is undertaking this transformation because it wishes to create new value to its customers and operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness, Friedrich said.

He said BASF 4.0 leads evaluate ideas across functional teams, determine which ones seem most “feasible and attractive,” and adopts these into a pilot, and then if successful, “roll it out to plants globally.”

Watch it here.

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