What Can Smart Materials Mobile Scan Do that Excel Can’t?


“I think we are on the cusp of the Golden Age of Information Management.”

This is how Geoff Ryan, who is the managing director of Insight-AWP, begins his testimonial of how using Intergraph Smart Construction and Intergraph Smart Materials is saving his company time, money, and headaches.

Insight-AWP began using Smart Construction as a project planning tool three years ago and then as a “holistic” project planning tool two years later.

“We started using it for engineering and procurement, not just construction,” he said. “We got rid of that whole process of what we call ‘managing the message’ … basically, the contractors were writing their own report cards.

“Now, we own the news. We have Smart Construction, which is the central point of all truth.”

Ryan said with Smart Materials, his company has learned just how much they didn’t know about the management of their materials before. In the past, his “well-meaning” crew would write notes about deliveries on “the backs of cigarette packs or napkins.”

Watch this video, where Ryan describes how Smart Materials helped locate a yard of steel and pipe that no one knew about!


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