What does Hexagon’s Acquisition of CodeCAD Mean for our Customers?

I want to take a moment to highlight something that I believe is a great way to begin a new year on a very positive note, and share my thoughts with you, as if we are having a conversation, catching up together on business topics over a cup of coffee … in a COVID-free environment, of course!

I would like to tell you what this recent acquisition into the Hexagon PPM family of our long-term partner and highly-specialized Canadian boutique, CodeCAD, means for valued customers, like you.

As you may already know, CodeCAD has been helping customers with their plant design and engineering discipline software needs in Canada for 30 years. They serve an ever-growing customer market of over 1,700 active contacts and more than 300 customer locations with their knowledge and expertise of Hexagon PPM’s CADWorx and Analysis Solutions.

That’s impressive when you consider that their office has a team of eight and speaks volumes to the solution needs of the region’s owner operator (OO) market, as well as CodeCAD’s ability to provide excellent service and support of Hexagon’s products.

And so, if I were to put on my customer hat and view this purely from a OO perspective, I can tell you that there are a couple of things that truly stand out to me as key benefits from this acquisition.

First, now that CodeCAD is officially part of Hexagon PPM, as a customer in this area, I can now take advantage of the entire solutions portfolio through this location and team of experts. What this means is that not only do I have service and support for CADWorx and Analysis Solutions, but the full range of products that are designed to help me maximize my operations from end to end – which will drive my company’s productivity, increase our efficiency, and optimize our safety processes and procedures.

On that note, a few of the Hexagon PPM solutions that OOs are really capitalizing on right now include Project Collaboration, Digital Twin, Shift Excellence. These are all now immediately available from this location for customers. So, right off the bat, this is benefit #1 in my book.

Secondly, because I now as a customer, have the full range of Hexagon’s solutions portfolio available to me through this location, it has essentially streamlined my customer engagement service and support model, making it a one-stop Hexagon shop for this market area. This in turn reduces potential confusion that comes with dealing with multiple service providers, saves me time to focus on managing my business, and decreases my costs by going through one direct place for whatever solutions I chose to bundle. It’s all through Hexagon PPM. This is easily major benefit #2.

So essentially, this acquisition is a win-win for owner operators in Canada. It provides a clear and direct line of sight to a specialized and highly trained service and support team that can supply OOs with all the Hexagon tools designed to maximize their operations.

Therefore, I am sincerely excited for this new chapter in our region, and all that we will achieve together with our customers in 2021 and beyond. Welcome, CodeCAD. Glad to have you join the Hexagon family.


Deepak Munshi
Deepak is Vice-President of Hexagon PPM Canada and has been with the company for 13 years. With over three decades of experience in the control and automation and engineering life-cycle CAPEX and OPEX verticals, Deepak is currently focused on using his extensive background and expertise to grow the Hexagon PPM footprint in the Canadian Owner Operator market.


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