What is a Human Sensor?

What you can’t see CAN hurt you.

If workers don’t know critical data, safety cannot be guaranteed. This lack of visibility also creates deficiencies in operational efficiency and productivity.

While most plants have digital control systems to collect real-time information using data historians, the accompanying human processes are often recorded using inadequate tools. The truly safe facilities require more efficient, consistent, detailed, integrated data across day-to-day operations.

Inadequate data collection methods has contributed to many industrial disasters. The high risk of poor shift handover procedures has been highlighted on numerous Incident Investigation Reports over many years. These information holes lead to wasted personnel time, employee frustration and increased exposure to injury.

Humans see things that machines can’t; a Shift Excellence mindset that powerfully combines human procedures with real-time data on one operations management platform allows your personnel to become “human sensors”. By driving Shift Excellence, your “human sensors” are more alert to potential issues, are eager to suggest improvements and can have more faith in their operations processes.

Don’t ask your shift crew to do double work … writing their processes on paper and then punching it into a system. It creates a perfect storm of miscommunication. Take your operations to the next level and ensure your workers get home safely by equipping your personnel to become human sensors.

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