What is Operational, Production Readiness and Confidence? Is it the Market Trend?

By Amr Eltablawi

Significant budget and schedule overruns have been observed with most, if not all, ongoing projects. One of the key contributors to overrun is during the commissioning and startup phases.

Digital Transformation has been extensively used by Owner Operator and EPCs at the early stage of the project. However, our experience has seen that the focus is on the design phase, manufacturing, supply chain and fabrication. This preparation beings the Construction and Commissioning stages with data but no risk mitigation plans, or digital solutions for construction and completion, with no real-time reporting to pin point delayed tasks and project status. Thus, no projectgovernance for the construction and commissioning stages of the project lifecycle.

The majority of projects enter a bottleneck after fabrication due to lack of solutions to plan, mitigate risk, set clear Work Packages, Custodians, turnover milestones, and leverage all data captured to streamline from Fabrication to handover to operations.

Operational and Production readiness are processes to measure the progress toward achieving the state of ‘Readiness to Operate.’ The ability of reliable operations to produce the final product and to meet customer demands, one-time fulfilling commercial obligation. Often any delay in production, cascades with a ripple effect throughout the consumer and end user chain.

Confidence levels, from Operational and Production readiness give ongoing project real-time status, bottlenecks, and confidence level certainty that the project will achieve the production target, as the definitions below clearly indicate:

Project stakeholders are keen to be updated on the real-time project progress and the confidence of on-time handover to operations. Challenges to ensuring progress and handover are visible in a powerful dashboard to measure progress against planned.

Hexagon PPM’s Confident Startup solution utilizes Intergraph Smart® Completion to provide real-time skyline project progress and KPI dashboards of stage, status, systemization tree visuals, work packs percentage of completion, and custodian. Combined with BI daily or weekly reports could be issued to all stakeholders to understand any delay, certainty of meeting target, pending tasks, punch listing, RFI, MOC, and more data couldbe retrieved.

Adopting Confident Startup methodology along with PPM’s other project delivery systems brings a data-driven ecosystem, leveraging information throughout the lifecycle to the commissioning and startup outcomes on a project that:

  • Creates Alignment within the project team
  • Creates Visibility – removes excuses and creates accountability
  • Creates Empowerment
  • Getting the right information to the rightperson in the right format at the right time
  • Benchmarking for continuous improvement.
  • Provides the information required to support a decision or process

Hexagon PPM empowers its clients to transform unstructured information into a smart digital asset to visualize, build and manage structures and facilities of all complexities, ensuring safe and efficient operation throughout the entire lifecycle. Our customers have long enjoyed tangible OPEX and CAPEX benefits, using our comprehensive solutions across the globe.

Contact me if you want to have a follow-up discussion on our Confident Startup methodology.

Amr Eltablawi

Amr Eltablawi

Amr Eltablawi is the business development director for Hexagon PPM’s digital transformation, commissioning and plant turnaround efforts for the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa region. Find him on LinkedIn.

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