What’s New in Projects Performance?

In preparation of our attendance of the Global EPC Project Management Forum Amsterdam 2018 April 18-20, we’ve chatted with Hexagon PPM business development consultant Matt Fryer for the latest on the EcoSys projects performance solution.  


Hi, Matt! What are you looking forward at the Global EPC Project Management Forum Amsterdam?

I have spent much of my career in the energy industry, so it will be great to meet and hear from like-minded project professionals. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate EcoSys Enterprise Projects Performance software and discuss the benefits our solution brings to businesses implementing EPC projects.

What do you see as the biggest challenges when it comes to EPC project management? 

If you were to ask10 different people working on a project, you would probably get 10 different answers. As a project management office (PMO) professional, the biggest challenge for me has been working on projects without a digital strategy. It is fundamental that modern EPC projects develop a plan to integrate project management, engineering, procurement, and construction information at the earliest practicable time. This digital strategy must then be proactively communicated to all members of the project team to ensure alignment and shared understanding. Hexagon PPM works in partnership with their customers to manage organizational digital transformation.

What do you see as the biggest challenges when it comes to full lifecycle projects performance? Why do certain industries (such as construction) continue to struggle to deliver projects on time and on budget?

Firstly, I have sympathy for project teams within the construction industry. It is common for a business case and original budget to be set for a project long before a detailed and underpinned view of scope, schedule, cost, and risk has been produced. Construction directors are then asked to deliver a construction project within a constrained budget that at no point would be sufficient for delivering the project scope and requirements. Where this is not the case, it is essential that projects adopt an enterprise software solution to manage and control all aspects of the portfolio and project management process.
Management of all projects within EcoSys will enhance predictability of outcomes through improved visibility and transparency of data, making it easier to identify performance trends and issues early in the project lifecycle. Early identification of issues enables proactive and corrective decision making to mitigate risks and minimize cost and schedule overruns.

What role do you see projects performance software, such as EcoSys, having in supporting successful EPC project delivery?

Once implemented, EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software will increase both the efficiency and credibility of the PMO. My big five benefits that I believe EcoSys will bring to any EPC project are:
1. One integrated platform will make things simple for projects
2. Built-in best practice processeswith built-in business intelligence, automated workflows, and powerful reporting engines relieves the administrative burden
3. Enhanced predictability of outcomes and early corrective action and mitigation
4. Full control of all portfolio and project data
5. Integrated cost and schedule data with other EPC digital solutions

With the recent release of EcoSys 8, what do you see as the key new features of the software?

The most significant aspect of EcoSys 8 is how everything happens in one platform: the same browser-based and mobile applications connected to only one database. When you select from a list of projects in Portfolios, it’s the same list in Projects and Contracts, meaning no need for integration between products. The best part is the automatic recycling of data … no more rummaging through boxes of old projects to find benchmarks for estimating. It’s all built in!
Additionally, we continue to enhance long-standing features of EcoSys, like our built-in business intelligence engine. End-users create their own dashboards and ad-hoc reports in an improved graphical user interface (GUI) to address their needs without hiring consultants or relying on an additional 3rd party software purchase.

Where can visitors find you during the Forum?

Hexagon PPM will be at the stand number A3, located in the Business Networking Area of the conference. Please come and see myself and my colleagues. It will be great to talk to you about your projects and experiences. We can also show you the software live on screen and talk about its functionality.

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