What’s the Real Value of Going Digital in Brownfield Operations

Management of facility information is critical for safe, efficient plant maintenance and operations, and ease of access to that information supports day-to-day plant floor activities such as maintenance, repairs, inspection, and rapid response to incidents.

Many brownfield facilities are struggling to get the basic high quality information that such technologies are dependent on. Those facilities are stuck on step No. 1 – how to gather and provide access to high quality information. Brownfield assets typically have enormous volumes of unstructured information.

They often do not have 3D models, laser scans, or integrated operations systems with high-quality structured information. Large volumes of unstructured information, such as documents and drawings, regularly arrives from suppliers, vendors, and engineering partners.

Intergraph Smart Digital Asset Operations (formerly known as Intergraph Smart Digital Asset Online) provides a cloud-based information management service that puts the power of information into the hands of the facility workers with no on-premise hardware, software, or system support personnel. This pre-packaged, scalable offering provides instant access to asset information in a cloud environment.

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