Why a Common Material Catalog Makes Sense

By Guido Hufer

Hexagon PPM Business Development Director

In my private life, I am often asked what I am doing. My typical answer is that I am a product manager for a materials management software.

Likewise, in business people often ask me to give a quick summary of what materials management is and where the challenges are.

Well, the first challenge I then quickly realize is that materials management does not seem to be an easy topic when trying to explain in one sentence.

Considering that materials management is covering areas like catalog management, CAD Integration, Bill of Materials, Requisitioning (Quantification), sourcing, purchasing, expediting, traffic, logistic and of course construction management it quickly becomes clear that explaining materials management requires more than one sentence.

So, we were thinking to starting a series of postings called “Materials Management Made Easy” and the first one is right below dealing with the genesis of all materials management: The Catalog!

Download our Materials Management Made Easy document here.

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