Why Walk It Down When You Can Look It Up?


Andrew Gregg with Gregg Valdés & Associates provides specialized engineering document and data management services for the oil and gas industry, from development of major capital projects to operations phase and brownfield projects.

In this video, he shares the story of howwithin a week of an operation going online, there was an issue with a particular level gauge. Fortunately, SmartPlant Foundation (SPF) had been implemented to assist with plant information management. Engineers working on the fix knew there would be even more gauges that needed to be replaced. But they had to know exactly how many there were and where they were located.

“We were able to tell them within a space of five minutes, using SPF,” Gregg said. “We could look up the model number, we could find the locations, and tell them they had 52 of these level gauges that really had to be fixed urgently.

“I think both the engineers who had to do the fix plus the management were very impressed with the speed of turnaround.”

Can you imagine how much time and money that feature saved this new facility?

“We significantly reduced the administrative effort that the offshore people had to go through to find information about their facility and to cross-relate the models, the tags, and the equipment they had offshore,” Gregg said.

Watch the video to learn more about how SmartPlant Foundation saves plant personnel from laborious, potentially dangerous searches when something goes wrong. Why walk it down when you can look it up?

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