Why We Just Acquired Bricsys … And What It Means to You

One of the greatest competitive advantages that a technology company can activate is the ability to identify, acquire and integrate value.

That has certainly been the case for Hexagon, which has a legendary gift for spotting companies to bring into the fold. That is apparent again today, as we announce the acquisition of Belgium-based Bricsys, a fast-growing developer of computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Bricsys hit the ground running when it was founded in 2002, providing open, collaborative construction technology for some of the world’s most successful companies. Just last year we announced a partnership with the company’s BricsCAD platform – a world-leading 2D/3D CAD platform which builds on the industry standard .dwg file format and adds innovative possibilities for both customers and application developers alike.

Recently, Bricsys has expanded into the building information modelling (BIM) realm with BricsCAD BIM, which is highly complementary with Hexagon’s growth strategy in this sector. The combination of these two aspects made it a clear acquisition target for us.

With this acquisition, we will strengthen our construction solutions portfolio for our efforts in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) market.

And what does this mean for our customers? As Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén said, while we’ve long been a leader in structural and process piping design, the Bricsys acquisition extends our domain expertise into building design, adding walls, floors, and doors. It helps complete our role in your project’s picture.

This sets the stage of ultimately autonomizing the entire building and construction ecosystem.

That’s what innovative companies do. They apprise where the gaps are, and then they go recruit the best.

Welcome, Bricsys.

 Mattias Stenberg
As Hexagon PPM President, Mattias Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction and overall business development of the company. He has an MBA in economics from Linköping University and a degree in computer sciences from Stockholm University, both in Sweden.


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