Working from Home with … Pedro Henrique Bussacos in Chile

Traversing South America is typical for Pedro Henrique Bussacos, a solution engineer who has worked for eight years within Hexagon’s PPM division in Chile. Since he’s been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Santiago-based Bussacos still finds a way to help customers the benefits of Hexagon’s engineering and information management solutions by identifying better ways to identify the scope of work for a successful implementation.

Here he shares what his typical work day looks like now.


What did you expect when you first started your WFH routine?
I had worked from home during a period outside Hexagon, so nothing much surprised me in a personal point of view. The adoption was pretty easy, but I miss the bustle of having all sales personal in the same office and how things seen more urgent. The interesting thing about contacting customers is surprisingly easy, as everyone is connected to his/her computer, and the audio is a lot better than in meeting rooms … beside the birds singing, dogs barking, children yelling and other non-office noises!

Have you found your routine and workflow in your WFH day has changed?
Now my routine is more firmly defined. With three kids at home – ages 7, 5 and 1 – the routine must be very rigid for the day to be livable! I’m enjoying this routine; being able to lunch together, having a coffee break and taking a brief break from a work challenge to see my children growing and playing. My little one follows me to my home office door and says goodbye. It’s very heart warming.

Have these WFH changes affected your role?
It’s hard to separate the impact of COVID-19 with the WFH when thinking on my role. Most of the potential customers are on hold with their projects. But I think the communication with the whole team and just keeping in touch is harder from home. With three children at home, it is obviously easier to maintain contact with the team when I’m in the office.

There can sometimes be distractions when WFH; how do you keep yourself motivated and focused throughout the day?
The main problem nowadays is the anxiety with the whole situation. I live abroad, and much of my family is in Brazil, and being far away is hard when thinking about what can happen. So I started meditating to make some head space for the focus on the day to day. Checking on the kids is a very good motivation also!

During your WFH day, has there been anything unexpected or out of the ordinary occur?
The dog! The home office is very near the house gate, and even though his name is Chiquito (which means “very small”), he’s pretty big and has a loud bark! And, of course, he barks at every moving thing in the street! The toddler also likes to stay outside home, screaming at me through the window. He’s lovely and makes me smile every time, but during a meeting, I have to take him out!

What have you been enjoying the best/least about WFH?
No commute is great, but I miss the bike ride. Staying in more contact with the family is something I always longed for, so that is good. But being alone in the office and not hearing anyone from work is sometimes sad and lonely.

With less of a commute in the morning and evenings, how have you been spending this extra time?
I’m learning guitar, telling stories to the children and making them sleep, analyzing COVID-19 curves, eating more, singing lullabies to the baby, trying to exercise (but not doing it), talking a lot with the wife, seeing family and friends through video, fixing things in the house. Did I mention making my children go to sleep?

As you have been adapting to your WHF routine, do you have any tips and tricks for others?
First of all, you need a child-charming significant other because they make everything easier when yo have kids. Jokes aside, I think the basic tips thing is to have a space to work, divide home tasks, get prepared to “go” to work and be there like you were in the office. Not everyone has the possibility of having a dedicated space as a home office, but it makes things easier. I close the door and everyone knows that I’m occupied, even if they need to get something here, they enter very quietly and wait for me to confirm they can make noises.

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