Working from home with … Rizka Annisa in Jakarta, Indonesia

Rizka Annisa, a sales development consultant for Hexagon’s PPM division, has been busy adapting to her work-from-home routine, balancing family life and fixing WIFI connections at home. Based out of the Jakarta, Indonesia, office, Annisa provides a glimpse of her life.


What did you expect when you first started your WFH routine?
To be honest, when I first started working from home, I thought it would be easier compared to working in the office, but I was wrong! There can be more distractions at home, such as an unstable internet connection and difficulty in separating my personal and professional life (at first). It has also been different communicating with my colleagues, as I couldn’t just walk over to their desks.

However, after a few days I was able to adjust, especially since my brother helped me fix the internet connection – having good quality internet is such an essential currently! By now, I feel I’ve gotten used to working from home and I also find that my role is easy to perform remotely. I make a lot of cold calls, and this can be done almost anywhere. Plus, I think working from home has somehow made the teams closer, as we are having more internal meetings.

Have you found your routine and workflow in your WFH day has changed?
The only difference I’ve found is that my travel time has decreased. Other than that, the rest is very similar because I usually structure my day well by planning out in advance what needs to be achieved.

Have these WFH changes affected your role?
It has affected my role a little bit. I have to call companies whose employees are also working from home. Reaching prospects as well as booking a suitable time to chat with them can be challenging as people are not as easily available as before.

There can sometimes be distractions when WFH; how do you keep yourself motivated and focused throughout the day?
I follow the virtual yoga sessions provided by Hexagon to keep motivated and focused, and I also try to take little breaks throughout the day to keep my head focused and set deadlines for myself to get things done.

What have you been enjoying the best/least about WFH?
The best thing about working from home is that it allows me more time at home.

With less of a commute in the morning and evenings, how have you been spending this extra time?
I usually spend my extra time playing the piano and spending time with my family.

As you have been adapting to your WHF routine, do you have any tips and tricks for others?
I’d suggest keeping the day structured with a plan. Whenever possible, try to stay positive and be grateful for your health during this difficult time.

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