Working from Home … with Tippy Gallo in Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Some people need to be around other people. Such is the case with Tippy Gallo, an associate engineer who has worked for Hexagon’s PPM division at company headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, for the past seven years. She primarily works in front line support (Siebel Support, training requests, etc.), and she sure is missing spending time with her coworkers.

Tippy provides a peek into her working-from-home situation. (It involves coffee … and more coffee.)


What did you expect when you first started your WFH routine. Has there been anything that has surprised you?
Man, I 1,000% hate working from home! The setup isn’t quite like the office, the co-workers at my house (cats and husband) demand my attention. Okay, mostly my cats … and while it’s adorable, it can be distracting. I never appreciated FaceTime more than I do now. A colleague of mine FaceTimes me from time to time and that helps a lot while under lock-down.

Have you found your routine and workflow in your WFH day has changed?
Well, it’s been really nice not going through my outfit crisis every morning. I’ve also saved tons of money brewing my own coffee, though I do miss Southbrew a lot. My workflow hasn’t really changed, I don’t think. I do work longer hours and can stay glued to my computer longer at home than I do in the office.

Have these WFH changes affected your role?
At first I felt maybe less productive, but that was during the first few days with set up and making sure that the stuff that works in the office, works at the house.

I had to forward all support calls from my desk phone over to my cell. So it was a bit odd at first to answer incoming support calls on my personal cell phone. Part of my everyday role is to answer incoming calls related to support, training, account maintenance, etc. The voice on the other end of the line could be either be sweet or unpleasant, depending on the issue. If a customer is experiencing a critical issue and production is down, they’re not going to be a ray of sunshine!

I did get a few calls from one of our customers while WFH, and I like talking to him. From a support stand, all his information verifies, so there are no holdups for support, and from a personal interaction standpoint, he’s easy to talk to. He keeps his descriptions simple, states his business and then carries on with his day. I like that. You know those Bob memes? If I could suggest all my callers to be more like this guy, I would. “This is Bob Smith. Bob calls in about his product issue and clearly states his problem then moves on. He doesn’t yell. Be more like Bob.”

There can sometimes be distractions when WFH, how do you keep yourself motivated and focused throughout the day?
I give myself an honest break and walk around the house, have a conversation with my husband or cats and do some pull ups, dumb bell squats, sit ups and give ups. In case you’re wondering … give ups are when you’ve lost all ability to “even” and pop open a White Claw. I’ve done that maybe twice during the lock-down after business hours.

During your WFH day has there been anything unexpected or outwith the ordinary occur?
I couldn’t stop my music in time to take a phone call once. I’m sure my colleague got it. But no, nothing too out the ordinary.

What have you been enjoying the best/least about WFH?
I enjoy being able to wake up, make my coffee and start clicking and clacking away. I don’t really enjoy being cooped up at home and working. Home is supposed to be my rez pad, my charging station, my zen shrine. It shouldn’t mix together. But it’s OK.

With less of a commute in the morning and evenings, how have you been spending this extra time?
I wanna say cooking because places were closed, and I have to eat to live. But besides that, I’ve put in a lot more hours playing Overwatch. I’ve gotten decent with playing Reaper. My KD during one of the matches was 46:4! I also got Play of the Game.

As you have been adapting to your WHF routine, do you have any tips and tricks for others?
Wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth and take the time to enjoy the art of brewing coffee. It also really helps to step away from your desk throughout the day and really stretch those limbs.

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