You Asked, We Answered: New Releases of Engineering & Schematic Solutions Available

Hexagon PPM Executive Product Director

Change for change’s sake isn’t helpful to anyone. That’s why we integrate customer-driven requests into our new releases of Hexagon PPM software solutions.

Today, we are happy to share our updates of Intergraph Smart P&ID, Smart Instrumentation, Smart Electrical and Smart Engineering Manager. These releases improve user experience, reflecting changes our users have specifically requested. Below we share key improvements that improve quality and increase productivity for customers:

Intergraph Smart P&ID 
The focus of the Smart P&ID release is on usability, data, productivity and quality.

We have implemented the new Engineering Data Editor (EDE) to improve data creation, modification, reporting and sharing. The EDE can also be used stand-alone without opening a P&ID to allow data creation/modification across the project. The new EDE will also have a perfect fit in the Smart P&ID Engineer solution, allowing engineersto add data in the P&ID environment; taking advantage of the business rules that increase data quality/consistency and omit the process of re-typing data from one spread to Smart P&ID.

Also, the placement of the plant itemshas been improved with a new user experience and ability to find items faster, including managing assemblies for the project.

Overall, we harmonized the user experience across the schematics and 3D applications.

The complete solution has been ported to the .net environment to embrace new platform capabilities and ensure longevity of desktop applications.

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation 
One key differentiator for Smart Instrumentation is the Project As-Built capability (PAB), which has been enhanced in the 2019 version of the product.

We are also moving to web-based solutions; the 2019 version will support the Smart Form Generator (SFG) to allow the creation of specifications in a zero-footprint web environment.

To reduce administration effort and create consistency across our solutions, we removed the need for SQL anywhere. Integration is a key value, and we have made improvements to better support the construction phase of projects.

Support for DIN standard projects and for the 2019 enterprise platform with Oracle 18.3/MSQL 2017 have been added.

Intergraph Smart Electrical
The Smart Electrical 2019 release focuses on improvements in capabilities based on the feedback from the industry. The product has a rich set of capabilities to support workflows of electrical engineers and designers.

We improved the data creation/modification in the Engineering Data Editor (EDE), which especially enhances the integration around the cables and conductor terminal relationship. Smart Electrical also supports the 2019 enterprise platform with Oracle 18.3/MSQL 2017.

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager 
Enhancements for Smart Engineering Manager include:

• Support for the new Smart P&ID and Instrumentation versions

• Performance improvements of the Open Site with multiple plants and projects functionality

• Ability to use System Admin account for MS SQL with reduced privileges

In addition, we also are moving the administrative capabilities of SEM to a web-based environment, and the SEM WebV2 can be used in conjunction with the desktop SEM version. The web version of SEM is compatible with SEM 2019 (desktop) and supports SPID 2019, SEL 2019 and SI 2019. Reference Data Sync improvements and support package creation has been improved. This allows for easier communication between project resources.


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Frank Joop
Frank Joopis an executive product director at Hexagon PPM and works from the Huntsville, Alabama, USA, headquarters. He has been with the company since 1988.


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