Zhejiang Engineering Turns to CADWorx for Hydrogen Sulfide Plant Design

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The Sichuan Hebang hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas production project, located in Leshan, Sichuan, China, has a city of 15,000 tons/year and covers 6,500 square meters with a cost of US$300 million (2 billion RMB).

One of the world’s top five engineering companies, JGC of Japan, licensed the production technology for H2S, one of the main materials of methionine, and partnered with Zhejiang Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (ZEDC) for the detail design work.

For this project, JGC needed to review ZEDC’s detail design 3D model at the 30 percent, 60 percent, and 90 percent stages.

ZEDC had used other design software previously. Because of the importance of accurate material accounting and easy visual design reviews, the company decided on 3D design using CADWorx because of the software’s fast learning curve and ease of use plus its easy integration with CAESAR II for pipe analysis.

Read the entire Customer Success Story here.


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